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PRomoting Your Business

What does Public Relations have to do with you?

When many people think of public relations, the first thing that comes to mind is a press release.  But, that’s not even an eighth of the full scale impact that PR can accomplish for any business if done correctly, or worse, if done wrong.

Aside from the person who actually holds the job title of a public relations professional, what many people don’t realize is that once you accept a job in a company, large or small, you become a PR practitioner for that company.  A customer sees “the company” through the one person that they are coming in contact with, ie: a waiter or waitress or customer service representative (in person or over the phone).  Each and every person that your servers are taking care of holds the company reputation in their hands. 

Social media… it’s everywhere! The fact is, it is becoming an important part of public relations, marketing and advertising for all types of businesses.  Get your name out there! Utilize these channels and see results.  The more your name is seen, heard and spoken, the more business you will create in the long run.  Don’t expect to post your first tweet, per say, and gain a million followers; over time you will build that base and once you establish a rapport through various media, people will really begin to crave the information that you present.  Use these tools to gain presence on your website, even if you’re not strictly e-commerce.  Post your latest promotions; let people know what’s coming up. Whatever medium you use, remember to make the information you present beneficial to your customer! Answer the simple question from the customer’s point of view- what’s in it for me?

Before I started working at Magnets USA®, we had a great Marketing Department, but nothing in the way of PR.  Communication was my major in college, so of course it’s something that I am passionate about because I know that it works.  We have begun submitting press releases and watching the results sky rocket with each new release.  We are also now on Twitter (follow my tweets: @Magnets_USA) and Facebook.  As all of you know who are reading this, we also have a blog now, which is another awesome tool.  While it can be a time consuming task keeping up with media, just have fun with it! These are simple ways to promote your business.  And “results” = creating awareness.  Once you have created the awareness of your brand and what your company stands for, it is then that you will begin to see a difference in your business and sales going up.

I know you’re probably thinking, “I’m NOT a writer, and to do these things I have to write,” but that’s ok! These media channels are a quick and easy way to spread valuable news that you are experiencing in your company.  Old news is bad news- keep it fresh and keep it credible.  Always be able to back up anything that is written (or said).  Tweet about the latest special you have going, then put a banner or an ad on your Facebook Page promoting the same thing.  The more times you repeat a message, the more times you are likely to reach people that you wouldn’t have reached before.  And, hey! IT’S FREE! Yes, Facebook and Twitter are FREE! What do you have to lose?

A well-rounded company can accomplish great PR through any of these practices and much, much more! It’s all about how you leave your audience and your customers feeling when they have completed their “transaction” with your company, whether it be through a purchase or just leaving your website after viewing your company for the first time.  Good results are short term, but great results are long term- begin doing these things and great things will happen for you!

Lauren Suon
Marketing & PR Coordinator
Magnets USA® Marketing You Better

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