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Is Your Pizza Personality Boring? Part 1

The Age of Information? I think not, I prefer to think of our era as the Age of Expression. Self-expression—in business and particularly marketing—is not only encouraged, it is rewarded; clients want to feel like a friend, not just another nameless customer.

Can you pin-point a few adjectives that accurately describe your pizza personality? If not—you might be suffering from multiple marketing-personality disorder.

Multiple marketing-personality disorder is often confusing or…let’s admit it…downright boring for your clients to encounter.

How would you view an acquaintance that was optimistic on Monday, cautious on Tuesday and goofy on Friday? You might assume this person suffers from some serious mood swings. One thing is for sure, you wouldn’t trust this person as being consistent; your business image is no different.

It may be time to sit down and have a good, long think about how your clients perceive you and your business via your marketing:

  • Do you use a tone that reflects your personality positively?
  • Do you use colors that evoke the feelings you want?
  • Does your marketing product correlate to your personality or profession?


Tone is the mood you convey to your audience based on the words you choose and your verbal demeanor. In other words: how you speak to your audience says a lot about your character.

Firstly, what is your tone? Can you think of 3 adjectives to describe your business-personality? If not, here are a few terms to consider:

  • Ambitious
  • Cheerful
  • Candid
  • Confident
  • Fun
  • Grateful
  • Loyal
  • Opinionated
  • Responsible
  • Serious
  • Warm
  • Witty

Your audience will be able to tell if you’re forcing a fake personality, so it’s best to stick with a personality and tone that flows easily.

Don’t worry; it shouldn’t be hard; the pizza business allows you plenty of space to be yourself. Pizza can be fun. Pizza can be healthy. Pizza can be gourmet. The key is turning your pizzeria’s strengths into dynamic dimensions of a magnetic business-personality.

View a more extensive list of positive personality traits to help you define your business personality.

After you’ve decided on a personality and tone your business can adhere to, you need to consider your audience:

  • How old is your audience?
  • Where does your audience live?
  • What does your audience want from you?

Answer these questions to decide how best to approach your patrons. Avoid trying too hard. Focus on creating great pizza, be yourself (unless you’re as square as a pizza box) and avoid trying too hard.

While significant attention should be paid to the subtle ways your tone affects your business, try not to stress yourself out by trying to reach everyone. The main point is to remain true to your values while also appealing to your clients.

We would love to hear some ways your personality shines through your marketing, please feel free to comment below.

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  1. Eder Says:

    Practically every Friday night in our home is pizza night. Some of our favorites are a BBQ ckichen pizza, sausage and banana peppers, and my most recent favorite… caramelized onion and pear. So good!I had kind of given up on making my own dough (I was using store bought crusts) until I found Pioneer Woman’s recipe. It is by far the best recipe in my opinion. Your pizza looks delicious!!!

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